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What is "Fire"?

In trying to get strong we often accentuate certain areas and ignore others.  When you consider physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional strength there is often at least one of those that you would rather ignore because it doesn't seem natural to you or involves discomfort.  Fire is meant to address one area that is often ignored or pushed to the side - the strength of our spirit.  This is the part of our being that is able to connect to what many call a higher being.  We work together to explore this inner part using prayer, meditation, and scripture, together with physical activity.  A Fire workout will always attempt to tap into our spiritual nature while we workout.  

Who is "Fire"?



  • Co-Owner, Strong life Integrated Wellness

  • Pastor (Waynesboro Church of Christ)

  • Coach, CrossFit Level 1


Along with his enthusiasm for CrossFit, Allen brings a spiritual element to the gym.  He offers a unique blend of physical and sacred in his Fire workouts.  He believes that strength should include every aspect of a person, including that part that is able to connect with a higher power.  You need to try a Fire workout, you'll be glad you did. 

"Fire" Offerings


FIRE Workouts
First Saturday of the month at 8 am at CrossFit Staunton. All fitness levels welcome. 

Free for Strong Life members / $5 Drop-in Fee for Visitors


Discipleship Cohorts
Small groups that focus on learning to hear the voice of God through scripture,

prayer, and mission.  These typically meet on Zoom.


Spiritual Direction
Allen is a certified spiritual director who specializes in helping people to connect with God.

$70 per session. 

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A division of
Strong Life
Integrated Wellness

1100 Greenville Avenue
Staunton, VA 24401
(540) 292-0035

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